At Mirabelle you are welcome from early morning to late night. The atmosphere is intimate and relaxed in the small restaurant. You are seated close to each other with the windows to the bakery as a living backdrop of all our pastry and fresh pasta making.

We serve a focused, organic assortment of food and drinks, depending on the time of the day. You can always choose from the card or order a full menu. TheMirabelle Lunch and Dinner menus arrive as small dishes to share between you at the table and in the pace of the kitchen. You will just enjoy the food in your own speed, sharing, chatting and having a nice time.

The Food
The fresh pasta mean a lot to us and our housemade cheeses and charcuterie will occasionally try to steal the picture, but they will rarely be on their own. When choosing a menu, you will always have all-green dishes too.

The Raw Material
We love Italian handcrafts and Danish produce. If it makes sense, though, we will swop the two. We source and produce with great thought and explicit values – without being dogmatic. Organic production is the base on which we build almost everything else. Next comes seasons, local production and quality.